Dundee Comic Expo

Saturday 30th of March was a great day! Katie and I were representatives of the Anthology 3 comic book featuring 12 works from our comic module including ourselves! The book is looking terrific and we had nearly sold all the copies on that day! The epic front cover by Dave Gibbons was an instant attraction and many people were impressed by the work inside which is frankly no surprise. The work that Phil Vaughn (DJCAD tutor) and Chris Murry ( uni of Dee) has been tramendous and their enthusiam for comics has influenced me, to motivate me to draw comics.



Not only were we selling but we each did a talk about our experience with the comic module and our work process. Was SO nervous at first when i was waiting my turn to my presentation to the audience but when I stood up and started talking the nerves blew away. Was giving advice and how much this module has benefited me I was probably TOO enthusiastic!


After we did that we returned to our stall and people who came to the talk were so lovely and were praising our work and presentations, which made me really happy that others gained something useful and hopefully inspiring. I met so many lovely and friendly people, was my first convetion ever and it was a great experience.

The day wasn’t over yet though, as after Phil, I and so many others went to the DCA to have a free meal ( bonus!) and i was doing a perfomance piece of my comic with 4 others, hosted by Damon Herd. It is called DEE CAP and it is a lot of fun! Basically tou have your comic and you treat it like theatre so some of the guys had sing-a-long, one had ammense sound effects and I was the more physical as I includded running and slamming of furniture. We had a grewat number of audience and even if you do mess up ( which I did!) it is sucjh a laugh that no one cares.

After that looong day of excitement the night was still young and I continued to drink with Chris Murry’s MLitt students, being able to engage with like minded poeople that appreciate what you do can only mean an excellent night!

Helping out agani at DOJ-CON, selling and cosplaying so check it out at The Union, uni campus at the 13th Sat of April. Will be fun and lotsa cool folk there!

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5 Weird Habits That Make People Successful And Awesome



MARCH 22, 2013

Because if you make enough money, people call you “eccentric” instead of “crazy.”

Yes, we all need to heed our callings, follow our north stars, and not settle for a jobs, butpursue careers.

Thing is, during anyone’s career, sometimes it gets weird–and getting weird can pay offOver at Forbes, Jason Nazar gets it done.

(Warning: these practices may work for these people, but this writer takes no responsibility for the strangeness that may cause in your life. Although, as a lifelong advocate of eccentricity, I encourage you to try them on.)

  • Argue: to steel your team’s beliefs. “In business you can’t turn over the reins to someone who doesn’t know how to defend their own ideas and plans,” Nazar writes. Like an ancient Sophist, you should argue with your colleagues about what they are thinking and doing. Debate forces them to articulate their own motivations and assumptions and do the same for you.
  • Confront:You need to be ready to call someone out. If somebody is bullshitting you, tell them. They need to hear it. Being endlessly deferential is a shortcut: instead of doing the hard work of advocating truth, you take the “easy” route of suffocating in passivity. And remember: you can train yourself to communicate better.
  • Be ruthless: It’s healthy to have high standards. Nazar mentions George Carlin: he watched the comic master berate himself in rehearsal for missing the timing of his jokes by a few seconds. Mastery is uncompromising. As a magazine editor once told me, you have to be willing to be great, which requires ruthlessness.
  • Seek out rejection: Some people go their entire lives having never thrown or taken a punch (like me). It’s just a punch. Some people live their lives afraid of rejection. Getting told “no” isn’t the end of everything you hold dear. Neither is being left out. In fact, it’s healthy.
  • Isolate yourself: Yes, we know that you’re incredibly popular and hip and you never eat alone and you can work any room. That’s great. But if you ever want to grow internally rather than court external validation, you need to get away from all the people. Reflect.Care for your inner introvert.
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Hmmm thats a good idea

‘I spotted a gap in advertising’: How one student hatched a quirky internet venture to pay his fees

 A student living on £100 a month in London has found an ingenious way to fund himself through an MBA course. Whereas most people work for a few years to gain experience and save money before embarking on the prestigious Masters degree, Spyros Pyrgiotis, 24, is in a hurry to gain the qualification he hopes will give him the skills to found a business. He plans to be the youngest to enrol on the MBA course at Kingston University’s business school and is in a race against time because he needs to find the £17,000 fees by September.

With jobs scarce in the recession and banks unwilling to lend, he decided to start an internet venture on his laptop. From a gloomy room in a dilapidated, shared house in north London, he set up an advertising business which has already raised £3,500 in two months.

Pyrgiotis, from the Greek island of Samos, admits his idea is unsophisticated, but says it “does the trick”. He has devised what he claims is the only page on the internet made up solely of text characters which when bought by advertisers change colour and turn into links to their sites.

He charges $2 – or around £1.25 – for each letter which makes up the name of the company or its slogan, a one-off charge which will secure the slot for three years. He quotes prices in dollars because he runs two pages, one for the UK and Europe and the other for the US and the rest of the world.

So far, so good. But with no other attractions offered, who would be likely to find www.thetextpage.com? Luckily for the student, his enterprising girlfriend, Liana Stewart, turned to Facebook and generated a following of 1,200 friends. She has also drummed up interest through mentions on obscure internet pages.

“Spyros told me he had found a way to raise £17,000 in time for September and I didn’t believe him,” says Liana.

“He wouldn’t tell me what it was saying. I would have to guess. I asked friends on Facebook, the social networking site, for some ideas and they came up with all kinds of things, such as selling a kidney, buying lottery tickets or asking people to donate £1 to a fund,” she said.

“When he told me, I was a bit disappointed, to be honest, because I didn’t understand it, but the idea has really taken off.”

Pyrgiotis’s first degree is in the recording arts, and he believes he needs an established business qualification to help him to start up a music production business.

“I came up with the idea after I found no help from banks or student finance organisations,” he said. “I’ve spotted a gap in online advertising in which people pay per character they occupy rather than by click or impression. The internet is dominated by links rather than display advertising, but a link is not always an advertisement because it can also be information.

“Advertisers like it because it is unique and quirky so it grabs attention, but also because it is very, very cheap for a long period of time,” he says. “Instead of paying for each click online, advertisers pay per character.”

Niche companies, student organisations and start-ups trying out different logos have so far got involved in the page.

Pyrgiotis’s undergraduate degree was with the School of Audio Engineering (SAE), delivered through universities in Athens and London. He came to England for the third year which the SAE runs in collaboration with Middlesex University. His retired parents who live off the land in Samos, the Dodecanese island where Pythagoras was born, sent him money for rent.

“It was very hard at first, because I didn’t get support from the SAE or Middlesex and I couldn’t open a bank account because my landlord wouldn’t give me any proof of residence,” said Pyrgiotis, who has since moved to west London.

“I’ve been doing some freelance work as a sound engineer, but if I want to realise my dream of founding a company then I will need to have the business training, which is why I am determined to raise the money for an MBA,” he said. “I thought I would come up with a new business idea – after all, I’ve signed up to a business course.”

Other – more conventional – ways to bankroll your course

On average, MBAs cost around £50,000 once course fees and living costs have been taken into account – this can be a lot more at the top business schools – and if you opt for a full-time degree you’ll also lose your income.

Company sponsorship

According to Jeanette Purcell, chief executive of the Association of MBAs (AMBA), around 50 to 60 per cent of MBA students fund their course by persuading their employers to cover the fees. This is especially popular in part-time courses where students can continue to work as they learn, but it’s also possible to enrol on a full-time MBA and still receive funding.

In this case, you’ll probably be asked to fulfil some conditions set by your employer. These range from a commitment to do your dissertation in an area they are interested in to pledging to work for them for a certain number of years after graduating. All you need to do is persuade them you are worth the investment.

Purcell says: “For most employers, what you need to do is to present some kind of business plan to gain their support, detailing what they’re going to get back and what you can commit to as a result of getting your MBA.”

The only problem with this approach is that some employers might be reluctant to shell out money in the current economic climate. In that case, a loan could be worth considering.


AMBA has its own preferential loan scheme with a low rate of interest open to any UK-based student accepted on one of its accredited MBAs. The scheme, operated in association with NatWest, will usually cover the course fee and living expenses, but has to be paid back within three years of graduation. Before the credit crunch, banks were willing to lend money fairly readily, viewing their loans as a solid investment that would propel students towards high earnings. It is harder now, but still worth a try. Some business schools also operate lending schemes with preferential rates for students.

The part-time option

The MBA was traditionally a full-time degree, but increasingly it has become available in different modes, offering students greater flexibility. A full-time MBA is still the most expensive way to do it, as you’re giving up your salary and paying the hefty fees over a relatively short period of time.

“Distance learning, part-time and modular programmes offer students a chance to phase the cost over a longer period and also continue working while they study,” says Purcell. “So if cost is a real issue, they should definitely consider different modes of study.”

Scholarships and grants

Most business schools have some sort of bursary scheme. These are worth applying for. Some offer scholarships aimed at women or other groups under-represented on MBAs, but others can be gained through old-fashioned academic excellence. In general, if you can prove you’re likely to excel on the course you stand a good chance of receiving some sort of funding.

Manchester Metropolitan University Business School offers scholarships to self-funded students on its full-time and part-time courses. The university also provides support by setting up payment plans in agreement with the students, to help spread the financial burden.

Newcastle Business School offers a number of £1,000 bursaries, awarded during the application process, and based on an individual’s academic achievement and work experience.

Chris Green

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Internship in Canada

Well dream come true… I’m going to Canada. Not only that but to do an internship at the well established RAID studion in Toronto. Still can’t believe it but it’s happening. WHOO!

Thanks SO much to Cameron Stewart, a renowned comic artist who introduced these guys to me. CHEERS MAN!



Anyway The RAID studio consist of 11 talented artists that all have a unique way of drawing and storytelling. One of these fellow artist that I will be doing an internship ( well hopefully as I still need top have an interview)  will be the female artist Willow Dawson who creates beautiful and colorful images that are whimsical, playful and expressive. When looking up all these artists I was blown away buy the talent and I am so happy that Willow has chosen me to interview as her work really caught my attention and I feel I would learn alot from her.

Originally from Vancouver, Dawson moved to Toronto in the late 1990′s and studied Illustration at the Ontario college of art and design.Shortly before graduating, Dawson was approached by Kids Can Press to illustrate their upcoming project, eventually titled No Girls Allowed: Tales of Daring Women Dressed as Men for Love, Freedom and Adventure. She has been illustrating children’s books and graphic novels since.

What I have noticed is that she can adapt her style so suit young readers but then can be quite edgy and cool for an older audience. To be able to appeal to wide range people with a style that you can alter but still be loyal too I find this inspiring and I really hope I can gain alot from her.


Not only is she involved with the RAID  studio but she sells her work in a huge range of merchendise goods at the site society6 (which I must add is very cool,hip, and geek chic so check it out!) I liked how the prints can be adapted in so many items like skins for phones/ iphones, tshirts/hoodies,stationary cards, tote bags and etc. Its made me aware and more open to what I would market with my business and that I could even adapt people’s stories onto goods like these. Read a comic printed on someone’s back walking on the street!

Well I have the interview soon and I will update to what is happening but seriously check these dudes and dudettes, very talented and cool!


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Representing women in comics

Just an article from wikipedia about women figures within comics.


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The most important phrase you will ever say

This is SO true and clever. Makes alot of sense to be nice.

The Most Important Phrase You’ll Ever Say in a Meeting

The most important phrase you’ll ever say in a meeting isn’t “Please” or “Thank you.” It isn’t “How are you?” to open the meeting or “What are the next steps?” to close the meeting. No, the most important phrase you’ll ever say in a meeting is:

How can I help you?

My father-in-law taught me to show your friendship first. There’s no better way to show that you care about the person you’re meeting with than to genuinely, authentically ask her what you can do to help.

There are two possibilities when you ask how you can help:

1) The person will tell you, thereby giving you an opportunity to help, after which the person you helped will feel compelled to return the favor, and help you.

2) The person won’t tell you, instead politely declining, but then she will still feel like you care, and will be emotionally invested in helping you.

Either way, establishing that you care and that you’re there to help is a powerful emotional bond. It’s a paradox, I know – you’re not meeting with someone to find out how you can help, you’re likely meeting to get something sold, or bought, or done. But it’s through helping that you’ll gain trust, and eventually, influence.

Nine months ago, Michael Kislin, a financial advisor, met with me for the first time, and asked me, “How can I help you?” I told him about my startup venture Likeable Local, and said I could use some introductions to technology investors. He asked me a bunch of questions to learn more, and soon after, introduced me to several people he thought could help me. Then I called him to thank him, and thought to ask him to tell me more about what he did. I soon became a client of Michael’s.

Three weeks ago, I met with an employee for a 1-on-1 for the first time, and asked her, “How can I help you?” She told me how I could help make her job easier, more productive and more efficient. I helped her, and now she’s more productive than ever before.

If it seems simple, it is. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a customer, a prospect, or a colleague you’re meeting with – we all like to be cared about, and we all can use some help. Just make sure you’re genuine, never contrived, and ask in your next meeting, “How can I help you?”

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of this approach? Have you encountered someone like Michael, who truly wanted to help you first? Are there other important phrases to utter in a meeting? And how can I help you? I look forward to reading your comments below!

Dave Kerpen is Chairman of Likeable Media & CEO of Likeable Local & Likeable Dentists. You can help him by clicking the Follow button above or below to subscribe to more posts on LinkedIn like this. Or check out his bestselling books, Likeable Business and Likeable Social Media.

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Starting a business.HELP!

This was the most useful and best talk we have had during this module. It was a L OT to take in but it broke up the whole planning aspect of your business and simplified it so it is achievable. Patricia van den Akker was insightful and enthusiastic, it was encouraging and has really helped me to figure out what my business is about.

What is your niche, role models, setting goals and ideal clients were the titles to be considered. Simple yes but if you can’t even answer these qusetions then what is the point. What I have realised from this module that you need to go back to the basics and reflect back when you up and running your business as this will keep you going with it.

WHAT          WHERE       WHEN       WHO       WHY

These are the main pieces to your business and these will develop over time, I would call this the body of you business existence. To make any sense of any idea or business you need to have a primitve mind-set and be loyal in what you believe in. You need reasons for your business to exist, I see it as almost an extension of yourself. You have something you want to share with people and gain something from it.

(hmmm this sounds slightly hooker-like but hopefully you catch my drift)

What I have really learned from this module that expands to everything `i do with my art is that you must be able to interact with people. In any business or freelance job or whatever, to socialise is essential, heck there should almost be a social communication module! Obviously you can attend exhibitions, events and coffee breaks but I feel that people still do not grasp how important it is to be able to chat to people and establish yourself by first greetings. A CV is crucial, websites,blogs and network services are great and easy to contact people but I feel having that basic skill to talk to someone and making it positive is just a skill you need to have, this first impression on yourself is as effective as reading someone’s CV. Patricia announced this statment which just clarifies how you should be when running a business and ife in general:

“people only buy from people they know,like or trust”

She also stated that having a business partner is almost like a marriage but more commitment! Whooft heavy duty but so true. You need to understand them, their needs and respect those needs.

With this credibilty to achieve and Patricia’s 15 steps into business you can really start to see how your business can be born.I will follow these rules, I can develop my business idea and plan to these as I am more than ever clear on what I want to do.

The comics industry is a very social industry, as are so many. But you collaborate to draw,write,print,market and publish together. Everyone is devoted and support each other with their ideas because they know how precious they are, this is one of the reasons why I want to be involved with this poeple.

Anyway I have researched a few companies and have found a few ” role models” from the UK to Canada it is a International Trend that is only getting bigger. These companies have the same goals as me so check them out!





(these guys have achieved their monies goal and have beautiful books you can buy!)


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